Note from the Editor


Editor Speak

This issue has been a long time coming. It was first conceived as an idea alongside the magazine itself. From the start, we wanted to diversify our content and forms. Part of being an online magazine is the ability to offer content and forms in ways, and with a kind of mobility, that print alone cannot offer. And so, our vision is to be bound only by our mandate of repurposing and excellence, in whatever form. For the first time a piece of music is featured, and an editorial piece that is a series of videos.

While retellings (to one degree or another) in the world of literature have been commonplace as long as can be remembered, it seems that the past 16 or so years has seen a surge of repurposed stories in popular culture. We have seen retellings, and remakes popping up more and more in mass media. New books into movies, old books into new movies (over and over again), fairy tales on primetime drama tv, etc. and it is that intersection of repurposing, art, and popular culture, where they collide and reproduce, which influenced the development of our editorial for the issue.

The call-out and theme is spatial appropriation, and the various incarnations we received in response were overwhelming. I truly hope you will all enjoy the results.


And now, please take a little wander through Issue Three.


Many unknown artists are featured, if you see work that you recognize please email and we will update credit info. and links on the site.