The Burdens We Carry





‘The Burdens We Carry’ are a series of functional handbags created from  treatment syringes used by Elyse, who has MS. This collection was designed to demonstrate the weight of living with MS, a burden that must be carried everywhere you go. The bags are constructed solely from medical syringes and chaining from decorative, repurposed ribbon.




These bags were also shown as part of Elyse’s ‘Bandages’ runway show (see the full runway show on video here), where all items were made entirely from medical supplies, disposable paper patient gowns, gauze, bandages, medical tape, sports wrap, pill bottles, pills, medical plaster casting material, syringes, funerary/mortuary supplies, and more. This collection turns the unexpected into whimsical and beautiful pieces, including earrings made out of pills, headpieces & millinery made from pill jars and medical plastic, corsets made from casting plaster, skirts out of toe tags, and jewelry out of prescription pill caps.