‘Swings’ is an ongoing project in which simple swing sets are crafted from found materials and hung from billboard frames. As a playful act of détournement, the swings call attention to the trash from a once prominent, though rarely, if ever, effective form of advertising.

Public by its nature, the project aligns itself with street art and social practices. The materials for these works spring from construction sites, trash piles, discard stacks, and the occasional beam hijacked from a condo development. Further, the often bright colour palette makes use of mistint paint from local hardware stores, again looking to those discarded materials, if not free, then affordable, before these materials simply become more trash.

The swings additionally reclaim space. A peculiar space, claimed by corporate advertising and all of the troubling connotations associated with that world. Somewhere between vandalism, place-making, and art, the swings remind us that this space can still be something more.

In addition to swings in every city lived in, Sleeper publishes online guides and print guides for creating these simple and playful objects of resistance. He has published one edition of a small book containing some of these swings from Vancouver B.C., along with a sort of meandering text in the spirit of the situationists. Currently, the printed directions are available as takeaway posters in gallery exhibitions addressing similar themes.