Of Course


to suddenly revert back
crave more
to read with permission
like       rote motive suggested
every bit of it marked to favour
the world      my own
Fortunate me     I discovered
and am stunned
the difficult between seems affiliate to
joy       in fact   a well-preferred relating
imagine the desirable suppressant
killing time
a link back to
a sea shell      an ocean
every little bit of it irate
of course this wondering half an hour
discovered by accident
wishes to be performed
of course
of course my heart
An individual           everyone by segment
this toolbox             this specific perusing
capable of long usage
subscribing to this theme you modify your self
rare like the valuable scrutinizing design
bragging   described as
an obedient melodic phrase

cater your origin like a shot
verbalize these curses      this earth
that grow what is gold