Note from the Editor

Welcome to Repurposed  magazine’s

inaugural issue! 


The word repurposed has many meanings and many synonyms, and this magazine aspires to represent them all. We live in a world where it is sometimes said there are no new ideas, well in my mind that’s no excuse. Every interpretation, every making that revisions the life of an object or story towards a deeper and more expansive meaning is one worth sharing with the world. Here at Repurposed we believe in writing, art, music, and any kind of making that engages with the existing world and makes it more beautiful, more interesting, and more enlightened as a result.

I am happy to introduce this cadre of fantastic writers and artists brought together by their common interest in the act of making from upcyclyed materials, be they old stories revived, or works of art built from disparate parts. I was overwhelmed and overjoyed by the response this idea incited in artist communities, and I am hopeful that this is but the first of many wonderful issues showcasing art that is more than just creation; that is, in its essence, Repurposed.

In building this project, our website was neglected for a time, fortunately, that neglect resulted in 9000+ spam comments collectively distributed on the different pages. As my own contribution to this issue, I collected a random selection of these comments and made some art of my own…




Excitedly yours,

Cassandra Metcalfe