Inner Soul


Cycle of Songs for Soprano & Piano


Phenomena such as fear, loneliness, memory or insanity —many of us prefer to suppress in a drawer, shut them in our hearts, and throw away the key forever. When we meet these traits in others we often choose to ignore, avoid, or escape.

The subconscious, the soul, its virtues and flaws, leak out occasionally, for some more than others. Art is also a sort of a ‘leak’—some even say that one more level in the soft ‘pelling of the soul’—and one reaches insanity, and at once we choose to stay away, alienate ourselves, perhaps seeing in this, a mirror to our own souls.

Nevertheless, we tend to accept strange or even extreme phenomena more easily when they are within the artistic framework. This cycle of songs presents various human situations, part of them psychedelic. The songs in this cycle are: Psycho-Puzzle, Memory, and Crippled. Their content is expressionist, emotional, at the extreme points the music reaches an almost psychotic anxiety. These exist in our world, sometimes in those around us and sometimes deep within ourselves.

Will we choose to ignore or avoid, or escape? Or instead, through artistic expression, find a way to deal with them?



1. Psycho Puzzle


A crossword shirt

A cave eye

He sat there on the fence with his shadow


Longing of a moment

And astonishment of eternity

Linked hearts were silent


And the fence absorbs

Unresolved crossword puzzle

Cave eyes

And lonely friendship


2. Memory


So much dust on the shelf.


He stands next to me,



A piercing look –

The memory


Who is there strumming a serenade?


Already late.



A large black oblong in the entrance.


Too many books here,


Too many notes,




So much noise!


So much noise!





It’s too near,


Too straight,


Who is here?


3. Crippled


His eyes are deaf

His spirit’s whisp is blind

His tear is amputated.


He was silent



That way he stood there


Just a stump remained