House of Experimentation


My fingertips read the braille
on the walls of the insides of boxes in boxes
but I won’t tell you what it means
    My hat, it has three corners
    throw ‘em over your shoulder
    gently, gently, down the stream
there’s a splinter waiting for every finger
a palming mime on every side: North, South, and so on
a brass lock with a brass key broken off inside


I should wear a white suit
push jellybeans into piles as high as your eye
build a new solar system of cosmic dust and gas
at last
nobody will jeer when I spill milk on the radio.


a six-headed land serpent
will crack its paranoid head up
through the chocolate marble floors
and scream,
    “. . . two cats in the yard,
    life used to be so hard . . .”


My bed is under the sea
I can feel the pressure in my ears
My dick has the bends
even the designs on the pillow cases
are stupid coral wet dreams


I must build up my chest
Construct a spicy pot of beans
Raise a Babel bookcase for my complete set of 1970’s TV Guides
Weave golden blankets of corn silk


I was there in California when a pixie danced on the beach, before she cut off her hair
Before the silent thugs surrounded me
Before bottles of bitter herb liquor littered the floor with blank gum wrappers inside
Before the sand pit
Before you sent me up the river