Our Mission:


To bring the worlds of repurposed art to readers everywhere!

Repurposed is an online magazine committed to discovering and showcasing art, artists, and art forms that create something beautiful out of existing materials. Nothing is really new; everything is a remix, every technology builds itself upon the basis of new forms, every new story on existing themes. We want fiction and literature that engages with what came before it, that adapts narrative and style and makes new meaning out of them, or reveals something that had gone unnoticed in the old. We want art that gestures to the past while using pieces of the present. We want non-fiction that illuminates this age of consumption that we live in and gestures towards possibilities for the future. We want poetry that challenges and reconstructs itself, ekphrasis, erasure, thematic revisions. We want work that has been upcycled, reinvented, reformed.

We aim to discover and showcase cultural, artistic, and literary excellence.