Art in the Open


Art in the Open is a feature editorial series in Repurposed. This is a series about discovery, about the disruption of our mundane routine lives through discovery of Art in the Open. We are interested in stories, in the form of videos, that engage with, create, or define this kind of discovery.

We are now open year-round to receiving submissions for our Art in the Open Feature series. For more guidance, please see the Art in the Open pieces in  Issue Three and Issue Four. These pieces are samples of one kind of journeying, but are by no means exhaustive. As with our mandate of repurposing, the scope for these stories is as wide as we can imagine it. And we invite you all to widen it even further.

Video submissions only. Must be previously unpublished (including Instagram, Youtube, And any other social media or personal portfolio space). First rights with exclusivity for 6 months after publication. Each piece must be accompanied by: A bio for each contributor, a statement on the piece in a .doc(x), a transcription of any audio in the video (unless it is music) also in .doc(x), if you use music in the piece it MUST be pubic domain or used with CLEAR AND PROVABLE permission from the copyright holder which must also be included in the initial submissions package.

All submissions should be sent to with the subject line: ART IN THE OPEN – SUBMISSION